What is Twelve Rounds?”
As we all travel this road we call life, we come across many experiences. Some moments are better than others, while other moments may make us feel like things will never get better. We all experience this & during these times we lose our motivation, our courage, our strength! We find ourselves being less productive and less active. Our days become dull, spirits become gloomy, and our hope is gone.
The most important thing we must do is REMAIN STRONG! We must continue our fight, we must get back up, keep our heads higher than ever before and KEEP SWINGING! Understand that the hard times we experience are personal strengtheners. Everything gets better, so it's only right to fight until we see the brighter days. Take all obstacles head up and FINISH THE FIGHT! We'll get there, just find that strength within. 
Think about the times you thought you'd never make it, thought you'd never smile again, love again, be happy again...think about those times & the muscle you used to get through those times & continue to build that muscle. When you lose motivation in yourself, just tell yourself: "Twelve Rounds!", then go hard at whatever is in front of you. Believe in yourself, don't sell yourself short, know your greatness, and EARN YOUR PRIZE!